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We develop and provide software and services to other businesses for direct-marketing campaigns, data cleaning, de-duplication, data integration, data analysis, database development, database building and database hosting.

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The Power behind the picture

Synaxis Data Services has developed world-class data-integration and marketing-database technology that rapidly handles millions of records.

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Getting your act together

“Synaxis” means a bringing together of parts and/or people to fulfil a common purpose. We can help you bring together your business information and exploit its potential. You will learn more about your customers and prospects, their behaviours and likely future buying patterns; you will discover your best customers, together with prospects that match their profile - enabling appropriately targeted promotional communication to help with marketing and growth.

Synaxis Data Services’ personnel have long experience both in IT and Direct Marketing. We provide automated processes that clean, de-duplicate, integrate and load new data to marketing databases. We have demonstrated our ability to clean, de-duplicate and integrate large volumes of disparate, complex data and have a successful track record of working with small to extremely large databases that can be hosted at the customer site or ours.

Synaxis Data Services Ltd - for the complete picture of your customers.

Our Products

Whether you are an end-user of direct marketing services, a marketing bureau or data-services bureau or work in an IT / MIS department, you will not find the rich combination of functionality, features, consistency and performance that our Adroit® suite offers anywhere else in the world.

Why be average? For exceptional results you need exceptional software. Beat your competition with Synaxis Data Services' extraordinary software (much of which can be run not only as conventional Windows applications but also in web browsers).

And our software enables our customers to exploit the resources of their databases in complete security whether locally or remotely over the world-wide web.

We also offer online data processing services AND software

  • Adroit - Marketing Query Server

Synaxis Software Developers and Marketing Campaign Management Software Site Content Guide

The Synaxis web site features our work as software developers, data integration and data-processing including bespoke data integration or software solutions - supporting enterprise-capable database software. The site also gives information on our marketing campaign management software or marketing campaign database development. Synaxis specialise in Marketing Campaign Management Database services including building and loading the database. Synaxis Data Services have developed world-class data integration and marketing database technology that rapidly handles millions of records. The Synaxis developed CRM software (Customer Relationship Management software) is also shown in the site.